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Escape Fitness Total Grip Medicine Ball

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Escape Fitness Total Grip Medicine Ball

If you want to supplement your workout with an exciting new piece of equipment, try our Escape Fitness Total Grip Medicine Balls (1kg - 10kg). Excellent for squats, weighted throws and more, the Total Grip Medicine Balls utilise a textured finish for a firm grip, allowing anyone to execute a range of staple training exercises.


  • Choose from 1kg - 10kg of weight to tailor to your workout
  • Endless workout possibilities – users can grip the ball in a variety of different ways
  • The hollow interior means our balls can be dropped and bounced against walls without fear of distortion
  • Textured rubber dimpled surface offers improved grip

Who Can Make Gains with the Escape Fitness Total Grip Medicine Balls?

  • Recovery: Ideal for helping you work through injury, they'll get you back in shape and then in even better condition. Medicine balls can be integrated into a wide range of exercises to suit your recovery while including muscles that otherwise would have gone untouched.
  • Strength: Unlike dumbbells that just go up and down, medicine balls focus on flexibility and moving your body to incorporate as many muscles as possible, conditioning your body in a way that a straight lift can't.
  • Multi-Faceted Exercise: There are endless ways to use your medicine ball even without drastically changing your usual routine, a sit up with a medicine ball can use over a dozen more muscles than if done without.
  • A New Way to Work Out: Medicine balls are unique in that they're one of the few pieces of gym equipment that's designed to leave your hands, and this alone is enough to give your body a whole new way of staying healthy. As most injuries occur at the end of movement, this throw-and-release motion helps prevent injuries in a way that dumbbells cannot.

Our original AirBike, built from the ground up to bring on the burn.


Product Specifications

Weight 1kg - 10kg (please select your desired weight above)
Material Textured Rubber