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  • Easily flip this compact, space efficient soft plyo box to one of three different jump heights.


    • Dense inner foam core, soft outer foam layer
    • Anti-slip surface on all sides
    • Double-stitched vinyl seams for less wrinkles and more durability
    • Velcro seams
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    The high-density inner foam core provides structure to resist landing surface deterioration and enough weight for box stability. The outer foam layer is softer and delivers an edge that will not injure your shins if you miss a jump.

    Precise manufacturing process yields a perfectly square box with a tight cover. High-strength velcro connects your plyo box seams together and doesn't break like traditional zippers.

    Plyo boxes feature anti-slip landing pads that keep your feet firmly in place even with sweat on the surface.


    Weight 56 lb (25.4kgs)
    Corners Soft foam edges and corners
    Dimensions (L x W x H) 20" x 24" x 30" (50cm x 60cm x 76cm)
    Surface Anti-slip vinyl
    Interior Dense foam core
    Markings Large, visible jump heights displayed
    Materials Soft foam outer core
    Product Code HS-PB-2000-01
    Note Plyo boxes need to be on proper surfaces to reduce slippage and risk of injury. It is recommended that all plyo boxes are placed on rubber floor surfaces.