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Octane Fitness Q47xi Elliptical Cross-Trainer

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Q47Xi Elliptical Cross-Trainer

The top-of-the-line Q47xi elliptical machine delivers health club quality form, function and results to your home gym. These premium ellipticals are the most ergonomically advanced and technologically superior elliptical machines available. Designed to help you commit to and maintain a fitter lifestyle, they are built to last and perform exceptionally.



Equipped with SmartStride, CROSS CiRCUIT, the ability to interact with your tablet via the new SmartLink app – and thereby become your virtual personal trainer – and a slew of challenging workouts, the Q47xi is clearly unmatched.

The exclusive Octane Fitness SmartStride feature automatically adjusts the stride length to replicate walking, jogging and running.



  • Space-Efficient Design. Significantly shorter than other premium elliptical machines or treadmills, the Q47 fits virtually anywhere at home. With its low step-up height and rear access, it's simple for everyone to get on and off safely. Ceiling height clearance is only 8" higher than the tallest user, so it can easily be placed in areas with low ceilings.
  • Durability. Octane Fitness delivers premium, ultra-durable ellipticals that are built to deliver long-lasting, superior performance. Home elliptical machines are subject to the same rigorous testing and uncompromising standards that Octane is known for in order to produce high-quality equipment that offers reliable operation and ease of ownership.
  • MultiGrip and Converging Path Handlebars
  • Low step-up height - 5″ (12.7cm)
  • Soft grip pedals, Pedal Spacing 1.8″ (4.6cm)
  • Electronic Features include Multi-color SmartLight, MOM mode, SmartLink Compatibility, Polar® wireless heart rate, Bluetooth® 4.0 and ANT+ compatible, and Digital contact heart rate on moving handlebars
  • 14 programs on console
  • SmartLink Workouts include 12 Lose Weight, 18 Feel Better, 12 Tone Up, and 30 Athletic Performance


  • Premium, high polished display screen
  • Bluetooth® 4.0 and ANT+ connectivity
  • 74 workout programs with Octane Fitness app
  • Multi-color SmartLight feedback center
  • Simultaneously displays essential workout data
  • 3 placement options for a tablet – watch, read, surf
  • Wireless heart rate with a FREE Polar® heart rate strap
  • Electronically adjustable stride
  • Pair of resistance bands
  • 3-speed console fan


This exclusive Octane Fitness feature automatically adjusts the stride length to replicate walking, jogging and running. It mimics what you do naturally outside – when you walk, you have a shorter stride; and when you start running, your stride automatically lengthens. Not only does this feel comfortable, but it adds variety and challenge to workouts.The Q47 adjustable stride length is from 18" - 26" so it comfortably fits every user in your home. The Q47 is truly the most comfortable elliptical machine that allows your body to move the way nature intended.


Designed based on precise human biomechanics, Octane elliptical machines deliver supremely comfortable natural movement and flow, both forward and backward, without stress on the joints, which is ideal for all levels of exercisers.


The Q37 features close pedal spacing (only 1.8"), so your body is properly aligned from head to toe, thereby minimizing pressure on the lower back. Because the body feels so good during workouts, you are more likely to stay on longer and keep coming back.


Our original AirBike, built from the ground up to bring on the burn.


Key Mechanical Features

Stride length 18″–26″
Electronic stride adjustment Stride Length
Adjustable Incline (10 levels) -
MultiGrip & Converging Path Handlebars -
Fingertip controls on moving handlebars Level & Stride
Watch, Read, Surf placement options -
Low step-up height 5″
Soft grip pedals -
Pedal Spacing 1.8″ (4.6cm) -
Covered track & rollers -
Set of resistance bands -
Water bottle holder -

Electronic Features

SmartLight 1-color
SmartStride -
Octane Fitness app compatible -
Quick starts 1
Resistance levels 20
MOM mode -
Polar® wireless heart rate compatible -
Bluetooth® 4.0 and ANT+ compatible -
3-speed personal fan -
Digital contact heart rate on moving handlebars -
Digital contact heart rate on stationary handlebars -
Self-powered -


Number of programs on console 10

Number of Workouts with Octane Fitness app

Lose weight programs 12
Feel better programs 18
Tone up programs 12
Athletic performance programs 30

Workout Boosters

X-Mode -
GlutePower -
ArmBlaster -
Thigh Toner -
Quad Power -
GluteKicker -

Product Specifications

Max user weight 300lbs
Assembled Height 63″
Footprint 33.5″ x 72”
(85 x 183cm)
Footprint – live area 37.5″ x 84.5”
(95 x 215cm)
Product weight 290lbs
Box Dimensions (L x W x H) 78″ x 30″ x 31″
Box Weight 319lbs