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PowerBlock PowerStand

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PowerBlock PowerStand

Rack your PowerBlock Dumbbells on the small footprint and convenience of a PowerStand. The open design allows the user to comfortably “step in” when removing the weights. Flat trays make changing weights fast between sets.


The PowerBlock PowerStand is an attractive and functional way to store any PowerBlock up to 50 lbs without chrome weights. The functional split design allows you to get closer to your weights when picking up and setting down, to eliminate strain and injury.


  • This stand is best for use with PowerBlock Sport 24, Pro 32, Sport 50 or PowerBlock 50 sets
  • Split design allows user to "step in" to get closer to weights
  • Assembly required
  • Stand has a foot print of 18" x 28" and a height of 22"
  • Holds up to 50 lb PowerBlock set
  • Steel Construction with Black Texture Powder Coat Finish, Dimensions 18L x 28W x 22H
  • Compatible Dumbbells for PowerStand: Sport 24, Sport 50, PowerBlock 50, Pro 32, Pro 50
  • Compatible Discontinued Product: Classic 50, Urethane 50, Personal Trainer

Powerstand Compatible Dumbbells

  • Sport 24
  • Sport 50
  • PowerBlock 50
  • Pro 32
  • Pro 50

Compatible Discontinued Product

  • Classic 50
  • Urethane 50
  • Personal Trainer

Our original AirBike, built from the ground up to bring on the burn.


Product Specifications

PowerBlock set up to 50 lbs
Dimensions with stand set-up and open 20" x 18" and a height of 24"
Boxed dimensions 21" W x 32.5" L x 2" H
Assembly required No