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The SURGE™ sets the new standard in the fitness industry today. The SURGE™ goes far above and beyond traditional strength training equipment.


For years there have been 3 standards in strength training, machines, barbells and dumbbells. Go into any gym and you will see tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment dedicated to these 3 genres of training. Each has a fundamental problem.

Machines have several flaws. They have a preset movement and a limited range of motion. The machine targets one specific muscle group while leaving the rest of the body unchallenged.

Barbells, while more applicable than machines, also have setbacks. Barbells have a balanced weight. Users put equal amounts of weight on each side and lift or press the barbell. This balance does not fully engage the core of the body.


  • Balance, stability and coordination
  • Fundamental muscular movement and neuromuscular capabilities
  • Body awareness, postural control and movement efficiency
  • Muscular stabilisation for stronger overall movements



Our original AirBike, built from the ground up to bring on the burn.


Product Specifications


Length 30 Inch
Diameter 6.0 Inch
Circumference 18.85 Inch
Product Weight (fully filled with water)

23 lbs

Product Weight (without water)

4.25 lbs


Length 42 Inch
Diameter 8.43 Inch
Circumference 26.5 Inch
Product Weight (fully filled with water)

65 lbs

Product Weight (without water)

10 lbs