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RecoveryAir - COMING SOON!

Advanced compression simplified for everybody.
This pneumatic compression system makes it easy for anybody to experience the
benefits of our clinically-proven recovery technology. Sit back, relax, and recover faster
as each boot compresses the leg to increase circulation and reduce soreness and
fatigue. Unlike other devices, RecoveryAir reaches the optimal point for a full and rapid
pressure release every 60 seconds–making it 2-3x more efficient than other devices.
It’s also easy to clean with its 4 internal overlapping chambers. Discover RecoveryAir;
Faster, safer, more effective.

Key Features:
Maximize circulation.
Our ‘true’ negative gradient of pressure travels up the limb from the foot to the thigh in 4
internal overlapping chambers. This safely maximizes circulation vs. other designs that
can interrupt air flow.
Recover faster.
By detecting a full inflation based on precise pressure, RecoveryAir's high-performance
compressor reaches the optimal point for a full and rapid pressure release 2-3x faster
than competitors.
Safely control pressure.
In order to prevent dangerous over constriction, our system lets you set your session to
precise units of pressure and monitor it according to the size of the limb being treated.
Experience more effective compression.
RecoveryAir gives a fuller, more complete cycle of compression and release in only 60
seconds. Flush out metabolic waste more effectively and allow fresh, oxygenated blood
to return to the limb faster.
Clean easily and avoid buildup.
Our 4 hidden overlapping chambers avoid the bacteria and moisture that can often build
up. This design provides a hygienic, easy-to-clean surface on the interior of the boot.

Total control of your recovery.
● 15 cycles in 15 minutes (2-3x faster than average)
● Precise pressure control (20-100 mmHg)
● 4 hygienic internal overlapping chambers
● 360 minutes of battery life
What’s Included:
● RecoveryAir Pneumatic Device
● Compression Boots
● Blocker plug
● DC power adaptor


Pneumatic Device:
8.2 in (L) x 7.8 in (W) x 3.5 in (H) | 2.2 lbs
Adjustable Range (20-100 mmHg) in increments of 5 mmHg
Gradient Type:
Full Negative
Full and Rapid Release
Cycle Time:
60 second full flush (2-3x the speed of competitors)
Medical-grade coated fabric