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Trigger Point Performance Ultimate 6 Kit with Guidebook

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Trigger Point Performance Ultimate 6 Kit

The Ultimate 6™ Kit includes all of Trigger Point Performance™’s core tools and the updated Ultimate 6™ for Runners (Vol. 2) Guidebook. This self-massage kit is designed to promote efficient biomechanics by addressing the “Ultimate 6” areas of the body – soleus, quadriceps, IT band, psoas, piriformis and pectorals – with our revolutionary Myofascial Compression™ Techniques methodology. Prepare your body for exercise with strong, elastic muscles that provide improved movement and force production.


  • Includes TP Massage Ball, TP-2 Ball Sleeve, Footballer, Quadballer, Baller Block, Ultimate 6 for Runners Guidebook
  • Myofascial release and deep tissue massage kit with tools and instructional support for targeted, self-applied massage to muscle groups of the entire body
  • Recommended for anyone who enjoys an active lifestyle or is in need of the benefits of a massage on a daily basis
  • Tools feature patented materials that mimic feel of the human thumb for safe and effective, self-applied massage; material will not compress after repeated use

Our original AirBike, built from the ground up to bring on the burn.


Product Specifications

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Dimensions 30.48 x 29.85 x 15.24 cm; 1.36 Kilograms