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Water Rower A1 Home Rowing Machine with A1 Monitor (Ash)

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Water Rower A1 Home Rowing Machine with A1 Monitor

The Water Rower A1 Home is handcrafted in premium Ash hardwood with a sleek aluminum monorail design. Each rowing machine is coated with three passes of Danish Oil, providing a deep luster and warmth to your wood’s finish.

Hardwood has been chosen as our most popular frame design due to its marvelous engineering properties; primary amongst these the ability of wood to absorb sound and vibration, enriching the Water Rower's quiet and smooth operation.

Harvested with Care: To ensure the preservation and protection of our forests for generations to come, Water Rower works only with hardwood vendors that provide documentation of continued sustainable harvesting and net-plus forest replenishment.


A1 Monitor

The A1 Monitor includes Quick Start functionality and displays a variety of Intensity and Distance Units. In addition, the monitor features programmable Time and Distance workouts.

Our original AirBike, built from the ground up to bring on the burn.


Product Specifications

Dimensions 215cm x 56cm x 53cm
Weight (without water) 28 kg
Seat Height 26 cm
Max Weight Limit 130 kg
Max Water Limit 20 L
# of Rails 1
We-Row Compatible No
Upright Storage Yes
Workout Monitor Wave Monitor
Materials Wood, Aluminum
Recommended Use Home
Use with Laptop Holder Yes
Use with HiRise Adapter No